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Gears and Gearboxes We offer to supply all types of gears from 4mm to 14000mm together with a gearbox overhaul service and the manufacture of special purpose gearboxes.

Lifting Equipment We offer to supply lifting hooks, block assemblies, sheaves and shackles from 1 to 1000 tons handling capacity


Castings We offer to supply in Copper & Alloys, Stainless Steels, Aluminium, Iron, Steel & Alloys as sand cast, centrifugally spun cast or continuous cast.

Forgings We offer to supply to any suitable shape or dimension in Steel, Stainless Steels, Super Alloys & Titanium

Message From David Salmon

We at Salmon Consultancy offer supply and manufacture of engineering products including Gears, Gearboxes, Lifting Components, Casting, and Forgings from some of Europe’s foremost manufacturing companies. We are keen to meet our individual clients needs whether they be for material only or fully machined components. If design and technical assistance are required, this too can be supplied.s

- David Salmon

About Salmon Consultancy

Salmon Consultancy was founded in 1994 by David Salmon who had spent many years as sales manager at two of the UK’s leading transmission manufacturers. He is assisted by his partner Deborah, who is office manager, and spent 28 years with the Alstom group.

David had a vision of setting up a sales agency specialising in the supply of all types of GEARS from diameters of 4mm to 14000mm. This he did and, as the business has progressed and expanded throughout the years, it now offers supply of CASTINGS, FORGINGS and LIFTING COMPONENTS to its portfolio of products and services.

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